Welcome to the open_eGo Project

Open Electricity Grid Optimization

The project open_eGo aims to develop a transparent, inter-grid-level operating grid planning tool to investigate economic viable grid expansion scenarios considering alternative flexibility options such as storages or redispatch.

Uniform grid planning is required for a successful energy transition. This involves the management of the German electricity grid with more than 800 different network operators and the resulting wide range of interests that sometimes stand at odds with the national economic objectives of the energy transition. However, there is currently no suitable grid planning tool that is able to consider optimum national economic use of the various flexibility options at the different levels. The current challenges of planning for grid expansion associated with the energy transition are answered by open_eGo.

In energy system analysis, models and input data are often handled restrictively. Such a lack of transparency impedes reproducibility and consequently also a proper interpretation of the results. Thus, in open_eGo we publish all our code on github under the Affero General Public License Version 3. The data we use as input, but also all our results will be published on the OpenEnergy Platform, in most cases under an Open Database License Version 1.

The text on this website is published under CC-BY 4.0.

Results & Material of final WS (in German)

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